With the spirit of agility to succeed

  • Digital Coaching

    With the spirit of agility to succeed

    The next growth of your business will be digital and agile

    Corsiane offers you digital coaching combined with a spirit of agility that will increase your project success rate.


    Whether you are already a tech company or not, whether you are a part of the digital economy or not, our mission is to help you grow your business.

    Are you agile enough?

    Your capacity for agility, adaptability, inventiveness and resilience are at the heart of the success of your business evolution.

    The 21st century will see the success of those who have mutated to become totally agile in an uncertain world ... and are comfortable with it.

    Even if you are aware that the world has changed, are you agile enough, do you know how to innovate better with even less, is adversity an opportunity rather than being a constraint for you?

    Digital coaching?

    • Our digital coaching method is a process of rapid experimentation ("learning by doing") in all parts of an organization, in order to identify the most effective and the fastest means to help your business.
    • Today, Growth and Digital are intimately linked. The key to your future growth is therefore, on one hand, a minimal mastery of tech players, concepts, tools and methods, but above all, your ability to understand them and use them to get the work done. And above all, to benefit from a genuine rapid growth! We are there to accompany you in this process.
    • One is not born with the mindset of agility, it must be acquired; You need to change your way of thinking to better identify and get to the essential. To be able to choose and build the solutions that will inherently help your business.


    "Find ingenious solutions with the available resources"

    • Agility is first of all a mindset and an approach before being a method to achieve an acceptable solution within the given time and limited budget.
    • It is also the conviction that a solution exists even if conventional wisdom says that it’s not possible.
    • But it is also to be totally user centric (centered around the needs of the user) and find the best solutions which answers the needs.
    • Agility mindset encourages a collaborative effort. Together we perform better than all alone.
    • Agility mindset is "antifragile". Test, learn, start again... it captures resilience by learning from failures to succeed.
    • SIMPLIFY, TRY, RESTART are the key to success
  • Our Services

    Accelerate your digital transformation by going to the essentials

    Accompagner les startup

    Better target your digital transformation

    Are you going to the essential in your digital transformation?

    There are so many different business realities behind this word today .... All your suppliers help you make your digital transformation. But what is really happening? Already, is it clear to you that the concept of digital transformation means "macro view", a global vision of technology across your entire organization? What is the reality of your digital transformation? What are the keys to success? What are the main advantages for your business? We can help you think about it, get to the point. Let's combine our talents .

    Accompagner les startup

    Develop collective intelligence in your organization

    Innovation, growth and collective intelligence are linked

    The 21st century brings us collaborative intelligence, which is transforming our organizations and companies. Co-creation, instant collaboration, the abolition of the geographical barriers created by technology are at the heart of the revolutionary innovations that we are living. What about your organization? Do You have or want set up a Workplace, an intranet, a collaborative portal, an internal social network with your employees, your customers, your suppliers ... we can help you, accompany you on new uses to develop, on change management, on the tools, the design, the execution or the management of your projects.

    Accompagner les startup

    Challenge your Business Model

    Combine knowledge of your business and digital expertise

    You know your markets, your business model, your customers, your ecosystem. But how can you create new services or accelerate the growth with technology? Are you going to be, or are you being "uberized"? Take a step back and challenge your business model, or at least take time to think about it with us. And we can also setup, if you need, teams in which we will involve local and international players from the digital innovative ecosystem. Of course, we will do it in an agile way.

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    Optimize your customer experience

    To improve the experience of your clients is also a source of growth

    The customer experience on your various digital channels, the homogeneity between these different channels and the customer experience at the point of sale, efficiency and simplicity of use are fundamental keys to acceleration of your business. Understanding the importance of the UI (User Interface) for the UX (User Experience) is just as important. We help you to analyze or set up your UX, to build or improve and simplify your marketing and digital channels.

    Accompagner les startup

    Improve your business efficiency

    Improve your commercial efficiency in the digital age

    How to link your business development and your digital marketing strategy? What tools can be used today to improve your business efficiency? How to optimize the use of your CRM or put one in place? Does big-data concern you? ... There are certainly simple solutions that will help you. Let's talk about it.

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    Effectively digitalize your marketing

    Find the best growth leverages, manage your digital strategy

    Whether you have started a digital marketing approach or not, we can help you understand, analyze or accelerate your approach. "Content marketing", "social marketing and viral marketing", "mobile marketing", "affiliation", "analytics", "search engine marketing", "digital advertising", "e -mail marketing "," market automation "," scoring "," big data "... you are familiar or not, we can train you, accompany you, manage or even do it for you. We advise with the strategy most adapted to your objectives, needs and budgets.

    Accompagner les startup

    Discover "Action Learning"

    Learn and build your solution at the same time

    With the agility mindset, do not dissociate training and action. Let us set goals that can be reached in 'flash' actions (but which are part of a coherent digital strategy) and do everything in one shot, one or a few days: defining strategy, the pitch, the tools, training and execution at the same time. As a result: your project gets done. Let's talk about it, you'll be surprised...

    Accompagner les startup

    Technology Startup Package

    Accompany Digital start-ups in their development

    This package was created by working with Digital startups who told us "What is good with you is that you are technology experts who understand our DNA, our profession, and people with whom we can have a strategic exchange. You are immediately operational to accompany us in our development". We define with each of our technology partners startups, a custom package adapted to its needs and means.

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    We are your tech partners to help you growing

    Christophe Ralite

    Christophe Ralite

    Technology Dinosaure


    One would say that presenting oneself as a dinosaur is incompatible with the idea of Growth Hacking in the field of technology. On the contrary, as Christophe has concentrated an experience in this field for many years, he has already led many business development projects.
    Having worked in small and medium-sized companies (SMEs), having led the Digital department of a large international group for more than 9 years, having created and managed a technology company for 10 years, University professor in Master level, technology companies CEO, his experience and his network are your assets


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